Func swap and merge with a new jackpot blockchain

There was a recent big change with 2 coins listed on Simple Pos Pool.

Jackpot (777) was delisted some time ago and since the takeover from the Sapphire team and merge forecast with Funtime (FUNC), we listed the coin again temporary. This listing allowed some users to let us do the swap on their behalf.

On the 30th January the old Jackpot blockchain freezed and a snapshot was taken from the Funtime blockchain. 2nd February was the day where a new Jackpot wallet was released and all Funtime and old Jackpot holders had the chance to swap their coins. This new wallet allowed also to merge both coins into one single coin and create a bigger and stronger community. All early Jackpot holders received the same amount of Jackpot coins to use with the new wallet. All Funtime holders received 1 (777) for every 5.32 FUNC.

As usual SPP did all this for their users and we have currently all 3 balances to allow every users to check it and make their calculation to see if everything is ok. The old Jackpot and Funtime balances will be deleted on the 13th February.

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