Exchanges are closing, what now?

You already heard the rumours about exchanges that will close…

Well, we live in a market that is changing from night to day and the idea for a passive income is very very far to be true. Many investors buy a coin X and dream of it to be worth millions in a couple of months or years, but nowadays it´s impossible.

We´ve been living many swaps (where a coin it´s changed to another by the developer) and if an investor bought the coins X many months ago and missed the swap, everything is worthless now.

Now it´s the exchange´s turn. A new law is in place and forces the users to certify their account to prevent money laundring. Some exchanges follow the needs and others simply don´t want it, or have another direction to follow, who knows?

Simple Pos Pool has saved the withdraw address, and now?

We have to take care of our investors and advice them the best way. All our users have to save a withdraw address, but we don´t know where those addresses belong to.

We must make you aware that CoinExchange, NovaExchange and Escodex (maybe some more) will close in October and if you have any withdraw address from these exchanges saved, please make sure you change or decativate them.

It´is your responsibility to manage your withdraw address and we cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur.