Energi migration from GEN2 to GEN3 won´t be supported

Energi (NRG) will migrate from GEN2 to GEN3 on the 10th March12:00 PM UTC (Noon) and we don´t support it.

The NRG GEN3 will be ETH based and currently we don´t support ETH based coins and that´s the main reason why we don´t support the migration. As per NRG´s announcement there will be no deadline to migrate your coins however you must withdraw all your coins before the migration snapshot (10th March12:00 PM UTC) to be able to migrate your coins. Any coins that aren´t withdrawn from Simple Pos Pool won´t be able to recover because no coin can be “moved” on the old GEN2 blockchain after the snapshot.

Please follow ENERGI´s announcement for more info: https://medium.com/energi/the-gen-3-migration-is-here-e28ac7da7fc9