EncoCoin Plus mandatory update to version 3.0.4

EncoCoin Plus (EPG) released a mandatory wallet update and as usual we followed this update. We updated all our wallets and masternodes to the latest available version v3.0.4. You can find the latest update on their discord by clicking on this link: https://github.com/Encocoin/encocoinplus/releases/tag/3.0.4

The main changes are:

  1. Launch of EPG Multi-tier masternode architecture combined with collateral timelock functionality.
  2. After Multi-tier block height activation and extended 10000 more blocks EPT shall be activated.

The new collaterals will be 3500.123 EPG and 6500.123 EPG with 0.6 EPG reward for minor collateral and 1.2 EPG for the bigger. Please pay attention that any amount sent equal to the collateral will be locked for 365 days.