Coins to be delisted on the 7th June 2019

We will delist several coins due almost no activity or profitability, but every coin has its special reason and we can´t maintain these coins as a service that we are. The main reasons are as stated on every coin.

We will delist the following list by 7th June 2019. After this date we will hold the coins on a cold storage until the end of the month until 30th June 2019, for those that are late. During the period on cold storage no rewards will be accounted.

  • ISF – Low volume and no deposits
  • CTT – Low volume, no response from the admin and the recent believing that this coin belongs to PIRLOKK
  • SMM – Dead chain and no developers inside the discord community
  • PCR – This coin and SMM belongs to the same community/developers
  • THC – This coin will have a blockchain change and we don´t support it
  • SEC – The changed the coins´specifications and those doesn´t fit with our system due our fees we charge on the rewards.