Pre Sale on Simple Pos Pool is now a reality

We´ve created a service for any new coin that wants to make a Pre Sale through Simple Pos Pool´s platform.

What does the coin developer receive?

  • We offer a comprehensive sales report with all transaction IDs
  • The coin developer will have an additional personal menu to follow up all the sales
  • The coin developer will have and overview of the current sales in Bitcoin

The rules are very simple and clear:

  • Simple Pos Pool takes 5% of the sales in Bitcoin
  • Simple Pos Pool send the received Bitcoin from the sales to the coin developer when it´s requested
  • Simple Pos Pool will send only 50% of the sales until the coin is launched on the first usable exchange
  • We use the remaining 50% to pay the investors if the coin turns out to be a scam, or we send it to the coin developer if they fill all the previous requirements
  • In case of SCAM, those 50% are paid out to the investor according to the % they acquired

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Coin Pre Sale Listing Policy, please contact us.

This document was last updated on 09-06-2019