Simple Pos Pool is one of the leading Proof of Stake and shared Masternode platform since december 2017 and has now over 40.000 users and a big portfolio of coins to choose from.

At our start we simply used some coins we personally were staking, but nowadays the offer is much wider and we need to create the Listing Policy in order to have simple guidelines for the coin developers that want to start with us their journey.

Our commitment:

  • Never dump the coin, because if the user earns money on the long run, we earn too
  • Sales have to be made, but taking precaution always on the 1st point
  • Update always when we are informed
  • Follow the coin developer announcements that are done in a private group

Dialogue starting from Simple Pos Pool:

We start a communication with the coin developer if a coin is choosen by Simple Pos Pool or the community to be added to the platform. During this communication 2 results can happen, either they really want to be added and give us an incentive or we just add the coin for free and we earn only on the reward comission. The incentive details will always be discussed between Simple Pos Pool and the coin developer having in mind always the best for the user of the platform, and may vary based on the discussion between both parts.

Dialogue starting from the coin developer:

Also in this case we have always in mind the best for the user of the platform, but we like to start with a running masternode that will be used as an instant shared masternode for the new investors to earn right after their investment. Here are some points to consider:

  • The amount of coins asked as a payment will be discussed between both parts in case the coin is only PoS based
  • We ask at least for a collateral of the masternode (depends on the price of the masternode)
  • Coin developer must provide the additional collateral in case of a collateral change
  • Coin developer must inform us trough a private channel in case of any changes regarding the wallet, blockchain or coin explorer

Starting the listing

To initiate the new listing we need from the coin developer all important links, the coin logo and the coins thay may be negotiated between both parts. We mean by the important links all links regarding to the new coin such as GitHub, website, BitCoinTalk or any similar announcement, social media and any other link that may be useful for any investor to search for the info related to the coin.

Simple Pos Pool will perform some integration tests and may decline the listing if any incompatibility occurs.

Simple Pos Pool offer:

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Listing Policy, please contact us.

This document was last updated on 19-04-2020