CHVC bounty – how to claim yours

What is this CHVC bounty about?

It´s very simple and we just want to create awareness about the coin called CHVC. You just have to perform a simple task and let your friends know about CHVC and by doing this, we´ll give you 0.5 Chain Vertizer coins with an estimated value of 2.1$ each (0.00030000 btc at today’s rate).

What do I have to do?

You´ll find our tweet here –
Please follow all these steps in order to be able to claim successfully your CHVC bouny:

  • Follow @simplepospool – If you aren´t our follower yet, please follow us.
  • Like the tweet
  • Tag 3 friends and retweet with a comment and include #spp & $CHVC

It´s mandatory that you retweet it with a comment to have a link to your retweet, otherwise you won´t have it. You will need that link to copy and paste it inside your Simple Pos Pool dashboard. Just follow these images and you´ll see how you get the link to your retweet and how to copy it to paste it in your dashboard.

Let´s start with the CHVC bounty tweet…

After clicking the link above, you´ll find the like and retweet icons below the tweet. Like it and retweet it. Please make sure you retweet it with a comment and add #spp and $CHVC in the comment, but you can add more if you want. If you don´t add a comment you won´t be able to get a link to your retweet.


After retweeting, go to your profile by typing or any other way you may know.  Copy the link to your retweet like this:


Where do I paste my CHVC bounty retweet link?

Just log into you dashboard and look for the menu bounties and search for the CHVC bounty.

bounty simple pos pool

Click on view more under participate


Below the description you will find a box to paste the link you copied before. Just paste it and click “Go for it!”

Now that you have done everything, just wait for someone from Simple Pos Pool´s staff to verify it and get paid. As soon as you get paid, you start earning stakes… Yupppiii

Max bounties to be paid ou: 500 users that fulfilled every step.

Please make sure you read our disclaimer and you´re aware that you have to do always your own reasearch.