ChainVertizer – exit scam

BAD news for all of us, ChainVertizer exit scam

As all of you know, we recently listed and made the presale of ChainVertizer (CHVC), but unfortunatly they simply dissapeared from night to day.

We all are astonished because they asked us to pay their BTC from the presale and didn´t respond after it. This type of people deserve no mercy from the investors nor from us and made us rethink our PreSale policy that will be published soon, but is already know by the developers that request making PreSale on Simple Pos Pool. From now on, any coin that will have PresSale with us will only receive 50% of the sales and the other 50% will be on hold until the first exchange goes live.

Back to CainVertizer, we´ll close all masternodes today and stop all staking because this coin is worthless right now without any team, discord, exchange or GitHub. Anyone that will withdraw their funds, can do it because you´re always the owner of your assets, otherwise simply forget it as we´ll do it for our coins. We´ll completely remove if from Simple Pos Pool on the 15th June 2019.

Since their is no available GitHub, we share with you our available windows wallet that you can download here The bootstrap can be downloaded here