Black friday arrived today at Simple Pos Pool

Yes, it´s true! We have black friday too…

We added a new fee payment system and it´s here to stay. When we first started, we took only 5% from the masternode rewards and it was ok for everyone because the market was growing, but after some time we had to adjust our fee system because everyone wasn´t earning too much.

Right now we are in front of a market that is changing very fast and we added a new fee payment system because we heard our community. If one buy a masternode coin and makes a research and see a big promiss to earn a lot based on the ROI or the team, he decides to come aboard and take the advantage. Simple Pos Pool took 5% from the masternode rewards and if the monthly income were below 100$, the user had to pay 1.99$ on top of the 5%. Always in the same coin from the masternode. Sometimes it generated a bigger fee than the masternode income and the user was left with a big bag of hope.

Now we chagend this scenario and are the first pool to use this method. We now offer some coins where you pay a flat fee of 2.99$ monthly per masternode and the coin can be DOGE or Bitcoin. In other words, there is no more a % fee based on the masternode rewards and all generated rewards go directly to the user. If a masternode generates 100 coins from a masternode reward, than the user get those 100 coins and they belong to the user.

How does it work?

You need to send DOGE or Bitcoin to your account and the fees will be taken from your account on a daily basis based on the value of the day. After topping up your account you will be able to book slots in that masternode that is flagged to pay the fee in DOGE or BTC. Please be aware that if you have a participation in that masternode and you run out of DOGE or BTC to pay the fee, you´ll lose the slot(s) and have to acquire them again later after topping up your account.

Take the advantage now and maximize your earnings….

Please read carefully our fee system