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What is Bitwin24 (BWI)?

BITWIN24 is the first global blockchain-based lottery with a referral system. The lottery is forgery-proof and the winning combination is generated on the Bitcoin blockchain. The jackpot is paid out automatically through a smart contract to all participating winners. The innovation lies within the so called “WinChain”, which allows multiple people to win from one single jackpot.

The participation in the lottery is possible with traditional national currencies, as well as with cryptocurrencies. With the BitWin24 (BWI) cryptocurrency, players get additional discount on each ticket. The BWI coins can be obtained through scraping with masternodes or bought on exchange platforms.

The possibility to participate with cryptocurrencies allows the BitWin24 lottery to be played by everyone around the world. Barriers such as currency restrictions that are normally imposed by traditional lotteries become a thing of the past. The potential for a constantly growing community of participants and the resulting high jackpots is enormous.

BitWin24 is the first global masternode lottery. The jackpot and potential winnings are therefore unlimited. The winning draw is generated on the Bitcoin blockchain. The participant bets on the last characters of a randomly drawn and yet to be generated hash. This way we guarantee a fully transparent and forgery-proof process of drawing the winning combinations.

The lottery tickets can be obtained through the website (with a credit card or an automatic debit transfer system), with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) or through our iOS / Android mobile apps.

Bitwin24 Team

  • Patryk Labus – CEO
  • Jirka Lissewski – CEO
  • Sascha Pelger – Assistant of the CEO
  • Thilo Richter – Sales management
  • Eugen Gabriel – Technical management / Blockchain Advisor
  • David Molder – KYC Representative
  • Achim Dreizler – Marketing

What does Simple Pos Pool offer?

We have several services available for all listed coins on our platform. The main services are:

  • shared proof of stake pool
  • shared masternode pool
  • dedicated masternodes
  • cold hosting
  • simple explorer –

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Coin specification

  • Name: Bitwin24
  • Ticker: BWI
  • Block times: 60 seconds
  • Premine: 7,000,000 BWI
  • Max supply: 21.000.000 BWI
  • Reward distribution: 80% masternodes, 10% PoS
  • Block reward: 200% ROI dynamic
  • Collateral – 3,000 BWI

What is the dynamic ROI?

Other coins have a fixed reward and as more masternodes come online, the more time will be needed for a ROI. Unlike other coins, Bitwin24 has a fixed ROI and a variable block reward. In other words, you know for sure that you will earn 200% after one complete year. What it also mean is that the block reward will increase or dcrease depending on the number of online masternodes.

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Where can I buy Bitwin24?

Currently you are able to acquire your coins only through their website.

Simple Masternode

You can also host your BWI masternode on Simple Masternode if you prefer, after all you will always control your coins and we take care of all tech setup for your VPS and update it when it´s needed.

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We never dump any BWI coins. Do you know why?

We use an innovative masternode fee system that allows us to earn and share with the user 100% of the masternode rewards. Every service needs to pay the expenses and we found probably the fairest way to pay our expenses. Just watch the following tutorial and you´ll know our secret: