BitcoinWSpectrum was swapped to SpectrumX

Many users are wondering why they received a SpectrumX (SPE) deposit and the reason is very simple. Recently BitcoinWSpectrum (BWS) swapped their coins and the new coin is called SpectrumX (SPE). As usual we made the swap for our users and deposited the new coins into each user´s account. The ration was 6:1 and in other words means that if you had 6 BWS before than you got credited with 1 SPE.

We´ll mantain both coins in the system for 3 days in order to let every users compare and verify if the value is correct. After these 3 days, BWS will be erased and only SPE will remain. We´ll create some SPE masternodes, but be aware that the low price of the coin will enable the masternode hosting fee.