AltBet updated to the latest version 1.0.1

We updated our wallets and masternodes to the latest version (v1.0.1) and created 17 new masternodes with the last collateral of 10.000. If you have slots in an inactive masternode, please change to an active one. Deposits and withdrawals are open again, but please verify your deposit address on CryptoBridge because they changed the addresses.

P.S. For the fudders:

We were very late in updating our wallet because each time ABET releases an update, (at least the last updates) the wallet comes always with an issue. This time the database gets corrupted each time we restart the wallet,  leading to a fresh resync. For an individual it´s very easy to handle, but not for us. Just imagine that one masternode stops or the wallet crashes… We need to resync againg. Until now we always delivered a high professional service and with a wallet like this it´s not possible to mantain it, however we started the masternodes. Please expect that some issues can happen until the new update from ABET.